Bennett, Ross Retouched-2495 - Version 2


-David Letterman

“Clean and Clever.”

“Ross is a rare find in comedy. Ross is both clean and hilarious. A professional in every way.”

“A Stand-Up Comic for people who say they don’t like Stand-Up Comics.”

“If you’re looking to entertain a group of grown-ups, whether for a Corporate Event, Country Club, Fund Raiser or Private Party you can’t go wrong hiring Ross Bennett.”

“Ross’s point of view is what he calls ‘NEW YORK COUNTRY’. He’s a small town guy from Western New York State. But his years of working in “New York City” have made his act sharp, bright and accessible to everyone.”

CLICK THE PIC TO VIEW MY “SHOE”……(that’s an Ed Sullivan reference folks!)


Here are some comments  sent to me via various social media outlets in regards to recent shows:

The entire Board of Directors was there Saturday night and they all agreed YOU ROCKED!! The crowd LOVED you even more the second time around. You are a master of your profession.
Pamela Rybarcyzk

Saw you last night at the Brass Horse. It was HILARIOUS!

Saw you at the Borgota on 11-12-12. You may be the funniest man alive ! I have seen many comedic acts. Kudos.

Your voice and comic timing or delivery (whatever people want to call it) is pure gold

GREAT SHOW!!!! We all laughed so hard we cried.

I was literally howling with laughter listening to you on B&T. Thank you

Loved the show!

I loved your show at Snickerz. Comedy gold. It was great meeting you too. Keep up the hard work.

He is a genius , I had a privilege to watch this show. Laughed to tears.

I loved your show at Temple Beth Elohim Saturday night. Thanks so much for doing it! There were so many funny bits — I was laughing throughout. The one about watching TV with your grandmother was especially brilliant. I can’t believe we were able to see a comedian of your caliber at our Temple!